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Caitlin McConnell

Caitlin McConnell

Who are you?
I am a get it done girl... Marketing Director for The Standard Hotels. Lover of wine, the world and spaghetti, mostly. 

Where do you live?
Chinatown, New York.

Who took your photo?
Ashley Santoro, her co-worker.

How do you define success?
Happiness. You can have everything, but if those things don’t bring you joy, you aren’t actually successful. Contentment in your job, desire in your relationships, compassion for others, commitment to self-care, and a general curiosity for life are a pretty good combination to set your self up for success.

What is your favorite success?
Quitting my full-time fashion job back in 2013. I was in a field that I loved, but a job that I didn’t. My loyalty got the better of me and kept me around longer than I should have stayed. I decided to quit with no plan, no back up, no lifeline, nothing. It was terrifying. As soon as I left and started telling people, I found myself getting work offers quickly. I built a consulting business and was (too) quickly maxed out on work that I could take on. I launched new brands and worked for giant ones. Hearing former colleagues testimony of working with me, their willingness to recommend me to others, and their unwavering support was a testament of all the hard work I had put in years before. I was incredibly proud of myself.  

What is your favorite failure?
My last breakup. It taught me so much about myself. It forced me to take care of me for once; I have this really bad habit of taking care of everything and everyone before myself. I had to look at what I wanted, answer questions about myself, be open to learn about myself and find new happiness in being alone. I was 31, it’s hard to be self-realizing in your 30’s because you have a certain sense of “knowing yourself” but I wasn’t really right. I needed that experience of myself more then I would have ever admitted.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Loyalty. It can be crushing for me, but I think it makes me a pretty phenomenal human being.

Who inspires you?
Women. Ladies are passionate, compassionate, sexual, driven, determined, resilient, tough and all around badass - I mean our bodies are designed to grow humans (if we want too?) – together I think we are the strongest force on the planet.

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