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Members of Parliament


Do you love your Who Shirt as much as we do? 
Become a MP (Member of Parliament)and earn $20 for every shirt you help sell.
A “parliament” is a group of owls—wise people like you who’ve experienced the freedom of going underwire-free.  Join us in spreading the bra-free word, and earn $20 for every unit you sell—plus $5 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 

Here’s how it works:
  1. Email us to sign up—we just need some details for tax purposes and a way to pay you
  2. Receive your unique referral code, which gives your friends 5% off every purchase AND tags their order as yours
  3. Start spreading the news! We’ll supply you with copy and creative templates for email and social media to help. 
  4. Every time an order is placed with your code you earn $20 per item and BCRF gets $5, to be paid monthly. 
  5. If you help sign up a new MP, you get a free Who Shirt tank top or short-sleeved tee. 
Just email mp to get started.